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SPORT Overview

Carlsberg Amateur Darts League

Sorry if the report of last week's matches was misleading, but for clarification, readers are asked to note that the voucher for eight people to go bowling at the flat green bowling club was donated by the Olive Press and the vice chairman, John Smith was the person who did the auction and the raffle which helped to raise the money for TULIPS.  KibKomTimes apologises for any misunderstandings which might have arisen by the manner in which this was reported.



This week three teams secured high scoring victories. The Rolling Stones beat The Park 8-1 with Joanne Bond achieving a score of 180 and Olive Bar beat Sempati Rams and The Funky Gang beat Red Lion both with scores of 7-2.  Elsewhere Oris Arrows beat the Olive Press and Jessic beat Karsiyaka 1 which means both of these teams maintain their 100% record with 5 wins in 5 games and Baroosh had a close encounter with Celebrity and just managed a 5-4 win.


The attached photos show the Olive Bar team and also the two teams from The Park at Karsiyaka who were on parade in their new team shirts. The other photo is of Joanne Bond who was celebrating her score of 180.


Carlsberg Winter Amateur Darts
Results Table 24/10/2013
Played Won Lost Points
Jessic 5 5 0 34
Ravine 4 4 0 30
The Rolling Stones 5 3 2 30
Olive Bar 5 4 1 29
Oris Bar 5 5 0 29
Bar 8.8 4 3 1 26
Karsiyaka 1 5 3 2 26
Crow's Nest 4 3 1 22
The Funky Gang 4 2 2 19
Baroosh 5 1 4 15
Celebrity Hotel 5 0 5 14
Red Lion 5 1 4 11
Sempati Rams 4 0 4 9
Olive Press 4 0 4 9
The Park 4 0 4 3
Highest Male Finish To Date
Hurol Bahar Bar 8.8 158
Highest Female Finish To Date
Jackie Pennington Baroosh 113
Karsiyaka 1 4-5 Oris Arrows (Rearranged from 19/09/13);  Oris Arrows 6-3 Olive Press; The Park 1-8 The Rolling Stones;  Bar 8.8 v Ravine (TBA);  Olive Bar 7-2 Sempati Rams;  Jessic 6-3 Karsiyaka 1;  The Funky Gang 7-2 Red Lion;  Celebrity 4-5 Baroosh

Any queries concerning the league may be addressed to Chris Price Results Secretary on  0533 840 3607


The Green Line

CMC celebrate their seventh Creditwest sponsored Captain's Day

Sunday 27th October was ideal conditions for a round of golf, and a very special round as the CMC Golf Club undertook the Creditwest sponsored Captain's Day for the seventh time.


Twenty nine players were out and were treated to the presence of five leading members of Creditwest staff plus two members of the  Altinbas, Ali and Sofu Altinbas came with their wives for a short time.

Both men shared their thoughts on the sheer pleasure of being there, and the speeches of both were well translated by Figen Kayman, the manager of the Catlkoy Branch. The Chief Executive  of Altinbas Holdings, Ali Altinbas jokes that the reason he was wearing his shorts is that he was expecting to play! Sofu who is the Chief Executive of Creditwest Bank echoed the thoughts of his brother at how proud they are of their sponsorship of the Club and how important sport is in the lives of the people of Cyprus as well as Turkey.


Creditwest Bank kindly provided all the prizes and the after-match buffet for the competitors and their guests. 

The prizes for the day in this full handicap Stapleford Competition went to, firstly Engin Portakalcioglu with an excellent 40 points,  Second was Brian Flanigan and Hasan Garabli (Captain ) in third. Gary Corness won the best gross, Gulay Garbli had the longest drive, with Hasan Ilkay winning the nearest the pin. The two's was shared between Bob Hales & Hasan Ilkay.


The CMC Club thanked Creditwest for their continued support and the club members looked forward to a continued and successful association with the bank and Altinbas Holdings.


George 33 points, Christine 1 point and CMC several less

CMC was 'invaded' by a group of golfers known by the name JK's Golf Society which made for an interesting round on the greens with one of the 'invaders' taking home first prize.

Collecting their prizes are: Howard, John, Graham, Christine & George.

The 'invaders' are in fact a group of about twenty golfers who every month travel to different venues all over the island, and they have a first, second, and third winner’s plus a booby prize and a '2's competition.

The latest member to be recruited is none other than Christine Offord (known to many as Nurse Awful) and it is reported on this occasion that her nursing skills were not required, there being no red spilled over the greens, even though it was reported; she played alongside two overweight 'Scousers' (people from Liverpool!) and it was anticipated her expertise may have been called upon.

Her presence obviously inspired her husband, George, as he walked away as winner of the competition with 33 points (sadly Christine managed only one point).


The Ladies Winters Darts League -latest update.

With week 2 of the Winter League games behind them the Feathers are still floating at the top, but very closely challenged by Dartvaders., just one point behind. Sadly the Stumble Bees are not even beginning to buzz, but there is plenty of time in the weeks ahead to start to get a bit of a sting in their tails.

Wendy of Dartvaders is to be congratulated on a fantastic top score of 180.  Well done Wendy.  With Dartvaders so close to the Feather’s a bit more of Wendy's fine throwing, and the challenge could become even greater.

Click here to view results of Week 2

Another win for Ozankoy boys

Ozankoy Football Club were playing at home on Saturday 26th October and their coach Joe Efes was a little despairing by the end of the first half, as Guzelyurt were in front on 2/1. 

Ozankoy Boys

Some consultations at half time, a few changes of players on the pitch and some first aid required for the lads who took a tumble, and two goals were scored in the second half, making Ozankoy the winners on 3/2.  Several balls were kicked with too much force or at a wrong angle and sailed over the boundary walls of the stadium, but some of the boys showed some excellent footwork.

The match officials for the afternoon were female, and performed efficiently, although for Joe Efes it was the first time he had female referees at a match.
The next match, again at home is on Saturday 2nd November with a kick off at noon. Supporters are always welcome at the ground in Ozankoy, near the roundabout at the bottom of the main road up to Bellapais.

Currently, Joe is working towards getting new gear for the team which will be durable and last them. He has already received some monies and will be organising some kind of social event to raise the extra sum, or is looking for sponsors who would be prepared to help out. Even putting on a social event.  One of the supporters of the club is already considering a pool competition.

Any enquiries about the team, or for joining the team, or for proposals to enable fund raising activities may be made to Joe Efes on 0533 848 0857. Joe thanks all those who support and encourage the boys by supporting the matches and events during the year.

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